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About Us

Mission Statement

GVSU Laker Store is dedicated to serving the students of Grand Valley State with resources which enhance the University's mission and image.

Our Values

  • Diversity: We create a welcoming community which embraces the diverse range of cultures, experiences and opinions that shape the world.
  • Ethics: We incorporate integrity, honesty, and fairness in all our decisions with the clear intention of balancing customer interest and the stewardship of University resources.
  • Innovation: We continuously evaluate and enhance our systems and procedures to better serve the community.
  • Service: We provide superior service to our community through the development of high standards, excellent interpersonal communications and quality staff training.
  • Sustainability: We make every effort to effectively utilize our resources in an effort to sustain our Enterprise, our University, our Community and our Planet.
  • Responsiveness: Recognizing that value is a hallmark of Grand Valley State University, we strive to deliver the right products and services to our students at the best possible price.

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