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GVSU SAVE digital course materials offer significant savings compared to national textbook prices.



Student accounts will be billed for GVSU SAVE charges. Instructors have peace of mind that students have the correct materials to succeed in the course.

Day One Access


Students enrolled in courses using GVSU SAVE digital materials will have access to the content in Blackboard.

How it Works
  1. When an instructor elects to use digital course materials via the GVSU SAVE program, GVSU Laker Store will work directly with the publisher to negotiate the best price for the content.
  2. GVSU Laker Store will communicate set-up instructions to the faculty and coordinate onboarding setup with publishers.
  3. Once GVSU sends out the first billing for a term, students who are registered for a GVSU SAVE course will be automatically billed to their student account for their material just like tuition, room & board, etc. Any student that wishes to opt out within the allotted time, will receive a full refund.
  4. Students receive a Welcome Email explaining the program and how it works.
  5. Faculty will then email students once they have set up and enabled the material in Blackboard so students can access the course material for the semester. This is typically a week or two before classes start.
How to know if my class is in Save?

You will be sent a Welcome Email to your GVSU email account. Your professor may also be in touch with you regarding GVSU SAVE. Additionally, we have information both in-store and on our website for each GVSU SAVE course (see below).


GVSU Save GVSU SAVE - Digital Access. Lower cost. Convenient access. Better outcomes.


GVSU Save GVSU SAVE - Digital Access. Lower cost. Convenient access. Better outcomes.
  • Less expensive for students - students have saved nearly $3,000,000 since the Fall of 2020.
  • Same quality publisher content
  • More convenient access by using Blackboard
  • Digital accessibility - students can access materials on multiple devices or offline.
  • Streamlined ordering allows students to have access to information earlier
  • Students obtain the correct materials for class
Important Dates

*Access to your course material will depend on when your instructor enables the material for the particular term. Typically, this will be one to two weeks prior to the first day of classes starting.


  • March 28, 2024 – Charges begin to appear on student accounts
  • April 1, 2024 – Welcome Emails are sent to the student’s GVSU email account
  • April 26, 2024 – Payment Deadline by 5:00 pm for Spring/Summer 2024
  • April 29, 2024 – 2nd Welcome Emails are sent to the student’s GV email account
  • May 17, 2024 – Last day to opt-out of GVSU SAVE for Spring 2024 term
  • July 5, 2024 – Last day to opt-out of GVSU SAVE for Summer 2024 term

Any questions please email us at [email protected]

How to Opt Out
  1. In the welcome email there is a link to access your GVSU SAVE materials list in the GVSU SAVE Folder under Course Materials. Any courses participating in GVSU SAVE will have an option here to opt out (assuming it’s before the opt-out deadline for that semester).
  2. In your Blackboard Ultra course your instructor will set up a GVSU SAVE link in the content area. You might need to scroll up or down to locate the link. From here click on the Course Materials link to access the opt-out option on the Vital Source page.
  3. From the GVSU Choose (textbook selection page) instead of seeing an option to purchase books for a GVSU SAVE class you will find a button to “Manage Access.” Clicking this button will allow you to enter your G# to generate an email to your GVSU email address. When you receive the email, click the link inside to access the opt-out option.
  4. If you experience any difficulty using any of the previous steps, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can assist you with manually opting you out.

If I opt-out when will I be refunded?

If I drop a GVSU Save course, will I be refunded for my course materials?

How do I access my materials?

When will I have access to my materials?

When am I charged for GVSU Save?

What is the charge for GVSU Save?

What if I want a hard copy of the materials?

What If I Tried Accessing My Content In Blackboard Using A Mac Computer And It Doesn’t Work?


If you are experiencing issues getting your course materials to launch please try the following steps:

  1. Clear your cache, cookies, and history. (click here for instructions on how to do so)
  2. If you're not already using it, try using Chrome as your web browser.
  3. Check your clock on your computer to make sure your time and time zone are correct.
  4. Make sure you are trying to access your material through your Blackboard page of your course.


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