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Coursepack Due Dates:

Spring/Summer: February 25th
Fall: March 25th
Winter: October 25th

How to Submit Coursepack Originals:

  • Via electronic or hard copy
  • With a completed coursepack submission form. Click here to download form.
  • To the GVSU Laker Store location corresponding to the campus where the course is taught

In-House (GVSU Laker Store/Copy Center) Coursepacks:

No copyrighted information
Low cost to students
Quick turnaround time
Variety of finishing options (3-hole punched, spiral bound, color, etc.)

Outsourced Coursepacks:

XanEdu is our preferred provider for all copyrighted coursepacks.


Contact Information

Tom Bevington
Phone: 616.331.2454
E-mail: [email protected]

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