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Faculty Resources FAQ

Why do I need to submit my book order to GVSU Laker Store?

The Laker Store makes sure GVSU is complying with federal law that mandates required course material information be available to students at least 30 days prior to the start of class. The Laker Store compiles all the course material information and makes it available to the students on The Laker Store's website and also through Banner.

What information should I submit for my class?

You should submit all required or recommended materials, textbooks, course packs, access codes, iClickers, school supply items (goggles for labs), if you are using course reserves at the Library, etc. to our store to be listed for students. Textbooks adoptions require a 13-digit ISBN, author, title, edition, and publisher information.

What if I do not have any required materials for my course?

Log into Text Collect and mark the course/section as No Text or reach out to your Faculty Relations Team to give them that information. A message will be displayed to your students that there are "No Text Required" for this course/section anytime they search our web site for their book information. This will most likely reduce your call and email volume from students with questions or concerns.

Why are you asking for book information so early?

Our staff has to research each title being adopted to a class, which takes a little bit of time. We try and source the least expensive option for students, work with our publisher contacts to negotiate pricing, investigate alternative formats such as loose-leaf, digital, etc. The time you submit your adoption directly impacts the price of the book for your students when classes begin. When you submit textbook orders early, we can:

  • Offer a greater number of used textbooks
  • Prepare students for their classes by ensuring that they have their course material in stock before classes start
  • Provide titles that are difficult to obtain (such as foreign or custom textbooks)
  • Give students access to their textbook information in plenty of time to shop for the best prices
  • Return a larger amount of money to students during textbook sell back time
  • Comply with HEOA legislation that requires the university to post required textbook information

When is the due date for my book order(s)?

The due dates remain relatively the same each year. Always the last Friday of the month for the following dates:

  • Spring/Summer: February 25th
  • Fall: March 25th
  • Winter: October 25th

How do I submit my book order(s)?

Please submit your book order(s) by going to the Text Collect adoption platform at or by contacting your Faculty Relations Team.

What if I forgot my Text Collect login information?

Your display name is your email address up to the @ symbol and your password is always your GV Network Password. If you require further assistance please reach out to your Faculty Relations Team.

What if I do not see my course/section in Text Collect?

Please reach out to your Faculty Relations Team for assistance.

Can I make a change to a book order I have already placed?

Most likely yes, however, timing would play a major factor in this answer. Please reach out to your Faculty Relations Team for assistance.

How can I obtain a desk copy of my book?

You may request a desk copy of your book directly from the publisher or the local publisher rep. In addition, most departments have the department coordinator involved in assisting faculty with ordering their desk copy. If you need additional assistance please reach out to your Faculty Relations Team.

How does GVSU Laker Store decide how many books to order?

We use a variety of information to determine how many books to order each semester; estimated enrollment, previous enrollment and sales data, class history, prices and the format options per title

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